Resources and Ideas for the Classroom

Places to get funding for technology or other classroom needs

Donors Choose site just for teachers that people can donate to. Allows community to fund things teacher need for the classroom (can be small amounts or large)

Teacher Pay Teachers: a lot of content that other teachers have created. You can then pay the teacher directly and use their content. You can search by subject and grade level. You can also create your own content and get paid on here


Places to go for Professional Development

Classroom 2.0: great way to get other teachers to answer questions about technology. It covers many of the subjects covered in this EdTech class, as well as others we have not touched on.

Teaching Channel: TONS of videos and tutorials for technology in the classroom and the issues it may bring up.


Associations to join now (its cheaper as a student)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

Association for Childhood Education International Good for interest in working overseas.


For the Global Classroom

Epals: can set up profile for the classroom, and it will help to set you up with another international classroom. Can create a digital pen pal, and also allows teachers to monitor emails before they go out.





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